Tutoring Literature – some new thoughts

Teaching Literature and Language Arts is challenging and rewarding. It seems to get harder, not easier because MOE is now regularly reviewing the titles. In the past a tutor only needs to know two texts – a play and prose and he or she can teach any Literature student! Now I need to know close to 15 texts just to teach the ‘O” and “N” level students!

So if one is only in it for the money, then tutoring Lit is surely not the path to take! Too much effort and responsibilities! Hahaha! Tutoring Literature requires a lot of passion. When a tutor has the passion, she or he will put in the effort required which means reading and more reading, analysing the texts and researching on them. In addition, a committed tutor will make the session interesting and seek ways to engage students. As and when possible, the tutor will also impart approaches to reading texts – a skill that is worth a million dollars!

I will be putting up feedback from my new students on Literature and Humanities.