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Older testimonials:
Mother of a former secondary student who had Humanities tuition (for three years): “When Mrs Moen went away (I think it was to America), my girl refused to have tuition with other tutors or centres, she insisted on waiting for her to come back. I had to make a personal call to Mrs Moen to find out what when she would be back. Once she was back about seven months later, my girl resumed lessons. I was relieved as the little rebellion I had on hand was resolved!”

Mother of a former Secondary 4 student from Crescent Girls:
“YJ has an A1 for her Combined Humanities. Thank you very much for helping her to do well.”

Student from Sec 4 Pure History, SJI (has been with me since Sec 3):
“Rich in content, patient and is able to get me engaged and interested in history! Thanks for letting me visualise the whole series of events.”

Madam Ong, mother of Year 1 IP, Nanyang Girls, Lang Arts, History and Geography:
“I am really glad that my daughter enjoys Mrs Moen’s lessons and finds them very relevant to what her school is teaching. She has high requirements with regards to her tutor and the contents of each lesson.”

Mother of Year 4 ACSI IP student, Lang Arts and Geography:
“Madam Yu’s breath and depth of general knowledge, as well as her dedication in teaching has benefitted me tremendously. I am very thankful to her for being my tutor.”

Mrs Wong, mother of Year 6, ACS I, Higher Lit and Higher History (have been with me since year 5):
“God has sent Mrs Moen to us. We randomly searched the classified for a humanities tutor to help in IB English and history. And we found Mrs Moen. She is a very dedicated tutor. She will inform me of my son’s problems and will guide him in both studies and teen problems. My son has greatly benefitted from her coaching, I will highly recommend her to any parent…”