Mid-Year Exam Assessment Package by English & Humanities Tutor


Call 98761777 now to discuss  with our advisers how we can help provide assessment for your child. Packages start as low as only $40 for all the services provided.

For IP students, a different rate applies based on the syllabus and texts used for Lang Arts/Literature. 

Advantages of very small group/paired combined subjects tuition


Combined Subjects Tuition                                      Single Subject Tuition at a Centre

Class Size Very small group/paired session  Large group of 15 or more
Attention Individual personalised attention  
Subjects covered Two or more subjects at each session Only one at each session
Session per week Only one session per week is all it takes. Two or more per week as each subject requires a separate session.
Price Save at least 15 percent when you take more than 1 subject and yet the student receives individual attention and the session focuses on the school syllabus. End up paying more as the student needs to pay separately for each session.
Fee collection Students pay only for those sessions that they attend. If  you choose to skip a session, which is not encouraged, there is no need to produce MC or a written explanation. No stress over whether refunds can be made. Upfront payment.


Extensive help for IP & IB students in LA, English and Humanities


Lang Arts and English Tuition for IP and IB students
The advantages of tuition with me are numerous and the areas are listed below:
Text studies – I will provide help and guidance in your comprehension of the text whether it is a play, a novel or novella or so that you can write essays or deliver an IOC on it.
Critical Literacy – I will help you anticipate the type of questions and teach you the skills to answer them, giving you lots of practices so that you will ace it!
Comprehension and summary – I will teach you all you need to know to do well for this section.
Coursework – I will help and guide you in your coursework such as extension writing namely journal entries, speeches, reports, brochures, articles, etc
Project – IP and IB students have a lot of projects to undertake. I will help you in this area whether it is an extended essay, a script for a radio, TV broadcast or video, an advertisement copy or poster, a research paper, online content or storyboard.

Humanities and Integrated Humanities Programme
History and Geography will be covered. Skills on working with sources, graphs, tables and visual texts will be taught and ample role-modelling and practices are conducted. Persuasive and argumentative writing strategies are imparted during the sessions to help students craft answers in a clear and logical manner. Once again guidance and help will be given for projects and all manner of coursework.

In conclusion, it is timely for me to stress that this is not a centre and so there will be no disruptive change of tutors or upfront payment of fees or deposit.  You do not pay for the sessions you are unable to attend! Only a one-time registration fee of  between $35 and $60 will be charged.