Literature Component of Lang Arts for IP: ACS I, RGS, RVH, VS, Cedar Girls and DH

Language Arts which consists of two papers – English and Literature are covered.

For the senior students, I believe it is crucial to give them that edge over their classmates by helping to deepen their understanding with the help of relevant literary theories. I just love literary theories for they help us open up the texts in many ways, revealing layers that are otherwise hidden to most readers.Here the Literature component is explained to show the scope of tuition services offered.

For example for ACS I Year 4, all the texts are covered.

“No Longer At Ease” is a novel that takes over where “Things Fall Apart” with about a century thrown in after the tragic death of Okonkwo. Many of the issues that Obi faces as well as the contradictions that confronts the  Umuofian community and Nigeria on the whole have their beginnings in “Things Fall Apart”.

I like both novels where Achebe has deftly raised sensitive and complicated issues.

Titles that IP students in ACS Independent are using such as Five Stories from “Four Continents” will also be covered in the session. 

For the lower levels, I cover all the texts: “Walkabout”, “Haroun and the Sea of Stories”, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, short stories and poems.