Reading Literature – approaching texts in my sessions

There are many ways to approach a text – analysis of the themes, characters, some aspects of the style and then applying reader’s response to new criticism works well in the secondary levels. A study of the contexts is included for better comprehension of the themes and issues

This is a dominant approach used in secondary schools. For me I cover all these and a little more – that edge and then I assure you the lesson would be fun and interesting – I want you to enjoy the text. 🙂

I have been getting a lot of favourable feedback from students. It is humbling and inspiring – an honour. I must say I am almost born to teach Literature and English. It is fun but because I organise my sessions in such a way that I do not have more than 3 students and most sessions consist of only pairs.

On occasions, I conduct individual sessions and the rates I found to my horror is lower than what many other places are charging for Literature. I teach Literature for the love of the subject.