‘O’ level Literature tuition – the only tutor in Singapore who teaches all the titles

All the ‘O’ level titles are covered. I mean it – every single one of them. Imagine the work! In my lessons, I cover settings, characterisations, the roles of characters, themes, plot, and narratology. I also discuss texts and contexts to broaden and deepen my students’ understanding and appreciation of the text(s)..

So far even my sec 1 and 2 students are already topping their classes in their assignments, projects and exams! As for my Sec 3 students, many of them are already scoring A1s in their mid-year exams. I love to see them brimming with confidence and satisfaction when they begin to show improvement and go on to score distinctions!

As for my previous batches of ‘O’ level Pure and Elect Lit students, half of them scored A2 and above and the remainder attained B3 for their Combined Humanities and Pure Lit.

At my commencement on 9 July 2012.