More on ‘O’/’N’ level Literature tuition

Now alas, new texts are making their appearance only to be taken off the list a few years later. For decades, “To Kill A Mockingbird” reigned supreme although there were other texts such as “Whale Rider” and “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time”. Then TKAMB was finally taken off and new texts appeared but alas the four – “Chrysalids”, Crucible” “Crick Crack Monkey” and “Things Fall Apart” are going to be “singing their swansongs” next year. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Heartland” which I personally enjoy tremendously are already “out of favour”.

The new texts for “O” level Lit before they are taken off the list and which I am teaching are: “Fasting, Feasting”, “The Good Earth”, “Telltale: 11 Stories”, “Roll of Thunder, Hear  My Cry”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “An Ideal Husband”. ” and The Piano Lesson”.

I am keeping my finger crossed that there will be no more changes for a while but then one never can tell with MOE. The people at MOE are a hardworking lot…:-)

Okay lamentations aside, I am already teaching many of the texts. In my sessions, the focus is on reader’s response and new criticism. I focused on crucial skills to understand and appreciate the texts and teach them examination skills. Not only do I conduct book studies based on the requirements of the syllabus but also teach them how to write “award-winning essays”.

So far so good. All my Lit students have been doing exceptionally well. To date, I am delighted to receive positive feedback from them. I will be updating the testimonials every now and then.