IP Literature tuition for Lang Arts

Lang Arts cover critical literacy and Literature. Many centres claim to teach the Literature component when at best they cover the critical commentary of the unseen poems and prose. 

I cover not only the unseen section but also book studies. Book studies are essential to understanding the texts on a deeper level – the hidden messages, the cultural ideologies and aspects of narratology that will help the students provide insightful, original answers. We also introduce literary theories into the sessions where applicable to help our students craft answers that will really “wow” teachers and markers.

With regards to the unseen section, how is our approach different from others? While we teach the common devices, we also make our students aware of more advanced devices that are often present in the text but are either ignored or unnoticed by teachers and hence by their students.

Questions pertaining to the mood and atmosphere of a scene or an extract, the attitude of the narrator or a character, the use of certain devices like ironies, symbols and motifs, the use of diction are examined to see their impact and the impressions they make on the reader and their contributions to the development of the theme, plot and character development.