New texts for O-level Literature tuition


Madam Yu as an O-level Literature tutor is constantly on her toes as Literature texts are changed regularly. A Literature tutor teaches Lit more out of passion and a commitment to helping students rather than for pecuniary gains. To be an effective Literature tutor, there is always the need to plan ahead and prepare in advance so that O-level Literature tuition will be effective. MOE is phasing out seven texts at the end of this year. In other words, 2019 is the last year that these seven texts will be tested for the O-levels although it is common for them to be recycled and be selected as O-level texts in the future.

The five new texts that will be tested from 2020 onwards are Macbeth, View from A Bridge, The Glass Menagerie, Hook & Eye: Stories from the Margin and Fahrenheit 451. They will be taught in the O-level Literature tuition.

O-level Literature tuition that does not do book studies but just on the unseen sections are not effective because they omit a big part of the syllabus. Book studies require the tutor to possess thorough knowledge of the texts and that extends beyond using materials from Wikipedia. The tutor has to read the text closely and patiently so as to have a full grasp of the narrative, plot, characterisation, themes, literary devices and in-depth understanding of scenes.






Three free sessions of English Language tuition sessions will be given to all secondary students who sign up for 2 Humanities subjects and English Language Tuition. Having all the subjects in one session saves time and money. The sessions are 1.5 hours each.

Such a modus operandus also provide a flexibility that is highly valuable because it allows the tutor to give attention to certain specific needs that may vary from week to week. For example for a particular week, a student may have to prepare for an oncoming test in the week or need help for a project or is unclear about one aspect of a subject topic, the tutor can then allocate the appropriate time to address the need(s) of the student.

Such sessions have benefited hundreds of students. to qualify for the offer, parents must sign up for the sessions by 20 December.





Terms and conditions apply. Come for a trial lesson now! Call 9876177 to make arrangements. Trial sessions will only be offered in December.



Terms & conditions
Offer applies only to express and academic students.

The tuition sessions have to commence not later than 31 January 2019. Parents have to sign up by the 17 Dec as stated above but can commence the sessions anytime in January so long as it is before 31 of the same month.
The three free English tuition  will be spread out over 7 weeks of the sessions.


Special rates for Sec 3 students doing the new Lit texts.


Some of the new Lit texts for 2016 onwards

Some of the new Lit texts being used from the 2017 O-level exams onwards

Opening new slots on Mondays,Thursdays, Fridays and weekend evenings.
Pure or Elective Literature students will be entitled to a 15 percent off selected fees.Call 9876177 to find out more now.  

Terms and conditions apply:

  • only for first-time callers.
  • Session is to commence only after SA1 2016. The commencement date must be before the 10 June, 2016.
    • A second subject is allowed.