Advantages of very small group/paired combined subjects tuition

Combined Subjects Tuition                                      Single Subject Tuition at a Centre

Class Size Very small group/paired session  Large group of 15 or more
Attention Individual personalised attention  
Subjects covered Two or more subjects at each session Only one at each session
Session per week Only one session per week is all it takes. Two or more per week as each subject requires a separate session.
Price Save at least 15 percent when you take more than 1 subject and yet the student receives individual attention and the session focuses on the school syllabus. End up paying more as the student needs to pay separately for each session.
Fee collection Students pay only for those sessions that they attend. If  you choose to skip a session, which is not encouraged, there is no need to produce MC or a written explanation. No stress over whether refunds can be made. Upfront payment.