Saying goodbye to the obvious, the superficial and the banal


A text can be approached in many ways. Take for example, the ever-popular, “Romeo and Juliet”.. On a superficial level, the play is about a young couple from feuding families who are not allowed to be together and their attempts to be together results in their tragic deaths. Romeo has a good friend, Mercutio who is killed by Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt and Romeo avenges Mercutio’s death by killing Tybalt.

Now such an interpretation is not wrong, nor inaccurate but there are a lot more to Romeo and Juliet than meet the untrained eye. Many of us tend to take a reductionist view of Romeo and Juliet. Reduce it to the simplest level.

As for my sessions, I try to steer my students away from the obvious, avoiding superficial reading of the play and coming up with banal answers to the more insightful, original interpretations of the play, and in the process have fun and most importantly do well! For my sessions, these are the feedback I have received from my students:

  • Mrs Moen is able to flesh out the characters in such a way that I now have a lot more to write about them. In the past I could only manage two paragraphs (Sec 4 student last year who scored an A2 for Pure Literature).
  • My son enjoys your lessons very much. He said he is learning a lot from you ( Mother of Sec 4 student tutored in Lit, History and Social Studies).
  • She loves your Literature sessions. She enjoys your lesson a lot (Mother of Sec 3 student doing Lit and English).

As for ‘Things Fall Apart”, I do  not even know how to start about how sadly mistaken are some of the ideas that students have been taught about the narrative and the protagonist.

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Help for “Crucible”, “Chrysalids”, “Things Fall Apart”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Telltale: 11 stories”, etc


I cover all the outgoing texts (those which will be tested for the last time in 2013) and the new titles for 2014 and 2015.

I have already helped countless students in the above titles. Currently I have many who are sitting for these texts in 2013.

Book studies, examination of themes, issues, characterisations, language and narrative techniques will be carried out. In addition there will be plenty of guided practices.

Skills for unseen poetry and prose will be imparted and accompanied by guided practices and role-modelling.