Getting Students Excited About History!

It helps if the tutor is enthusiastic about the subject and she or he should most preferably be armed with anecdotes about historical figures and events.

Tell them how history impacts the world today and how history is being made every minute. I show them how studying History fosters critical thinking and knowing about history can help them create favourable impressions of themselves in public events and social gatherings.

I also let them know there are different types of histories and history has theories too!


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I provide tuition in the following:
English Language (GCE ‘A’/’O’/’N’ levels, IGCSE, IP, IB Paper A and B), English Literature (Lower Sec, Upper Sec, IP and IB),Social Studies (GCE “O”/”N” levels and IP), Geography (Lower and Upper Sec, Elective Geog and IP), History (Lower and Upper Sec, IP and IB), Theory of Knowledge (IP and IB) and Project Work, Presentations, IOCs and Extended Essays.

The Heavy Responsibilities of A Tutor

The responsibilities do not come light; if anything they seem to increase with the passage of time. Tutors are employed to give the individual attention and help that school teachers may not be able to provide given their workload, class size, CCA commitments and a host of other duties and school activities. In no way am I casting aspersions on school teachers. Having taught in school as a full-time and adjunct teacher, I know too well how hardworking teachers are and how they have to multi-task!

Well back to tutoring. It is a tutor’s responsibility to make the lesson interesting and motivating so that students go home where their enthusiasm carry over and they do their work. It pleases me when I hear from parents that they see their children showing interest in a subject they have otherwise found demoralising. Sometimes I see students demonstrating a visible transformation during the session – they actually become relaxed and happy as the lesson progresses. Most of the time I actually received a call or a text message from the parent giving me positive feedback.

Tutors have to learn to assure parents that their children are in good hands when they turn up for the lesson especially if they are coming for the first session.

Tutors are responsible for grades and how a student performs academically reflects on the tutor. Here I am not just referring to the final sit-down exams but also the project work and regular assessments. However parents need to give the tutor time and some students do need more time than others. Usually 3 to 5 months is sufficient gauge to assess if the tutor is right for the student.

The job of a tutor is tough but fulfilling. We are here to complement the school and help our students do their best.