Making Social Studies interesting, fun and easy to master!

Social Studies integrates History and Geography and political socialisation. It is an important part of being a responsible citizen. A tutor with a grounding in History and Geography and an awareness of current events helps to make the chapters come alive. Teaching students to identify what the questions – both SBQ and SEQ want is the first step to master the skills of answering questions and getting the distinctions. 

Now we are offering heavy discounts for Social Studies for those who take two or more subjects with us. What is more we give free email/phone consultations in between the weekly sessions. We know students do not have time to attend more than one session a week and sometimes they may have questions between sessions and so rather than making them wait till the next session to ask the tutor for help, now they can call me on the phone or email me.  It is part of my commitment and dedication to provide the support for our students to do well!