New Feedback

Student from ACS IP year 1 (2012) - LangArts - staying on with me for year 2. Teacher is extremely helpful in preparing for projects. She helps me to understand the text better, giving me a headstart. She also helps me  tackle my weak area - vocabulary. Sec 4 student from Fairfield Methodist Secondary (2012) - Literature Lit Lang teachers can be a bit queer at times but I would not change my tutor for a million dollars. She has helped me a lot. Her occasional zaniness livens up the sessions but seriously, she is very knowledgeable and clear in her explanation. She has a way with bringing the text to life  by opening my eyes to them. I have a lot of practices under her that have helped me answer questions. Sec 4 student from Victoria School(2012) - English, Lit and SS it is not easy to find a tutor who can teach Lit, English and Social Studies. I am very glad to have Mrs Moen tutor me. Sec 3 student from St Anthony Canossian Convent (2012) - English SS and Geography - staying on with me for 2013. I have nothing much to say except that you are a good teacher.