The most comprehensive range of titles taught and the list is growing

More than fifty titles and the list continues to expand! You name it and most probably I have taught it and are teaching it. From Dahl to Soyinka, from Zindel to Ibsen, from bildungsroman to post-colonialism, And for those titles that I have not taught yet, I will eventually come round to teaching it if knowing it means I can help another student. But for the time being, I am able to teach more than fifty titles that include both short stories, novellas and novels.

With a hardworking MOE, trust me new titles come on board and new ones “fall out of favour” quickly. Tutors have to work doubly hard just to keep up with MOE. Phew! šŸ™‚

In the meantime, dear parents and students, do call to see how I can help.