Extensive help for IP & IB students in LA, English and Humanities


Lang Arts and English Tuition for IP and IB students
The advantages of tuition with me are numerous and the areas are listed below:
Text studies – I will provide help and guidance in your comprehension of the text whether it is a play, a novel or novella or so that you can write essays or deliver an IOC on it.
Critical Literacy – I will help you anticipate the type of questions and teach you the skills to answer them, giving you lots of practices so that you will ace it!
Comprehension and summary – I will teach you all you need to know to do well for this section.
Coursework – I will help and guide you in your coursework such as extension writing namely journal entries, speeches, reports, brochures, articles, etc
Project – IP and IB students have a lot of projects to undertake. I will help you in this area whether it is an extended essay, a script for a radio, TV broadcast or video, an advertisement copy or poster, a research paper, online content or storyboard.

Humanities and Integrated Humanities Programme
History and Geography will be covered. Skills on working with sources, graphs, tables and visual texts will be taught and ample role-modelling and practices are conducted. Persuasive and argumentative writing strategies are imparted during the sessions to help students craft answers in a clear and logical manner. Once again guidance and help will be given for projects and all manner of coursework.

In conclusion, it is timely for me to stress that this is not a centre and so there will be no disruptive change of tutors or upfront payment of fees or deposit.  You do not pay for the sessions you are unable to attend! Only a one-time registration fee of  between $35 and $60 will be charged.

Effective & comprehensive Language Arts tuition that is fun and inspiring


The tuition given is comprehensive because not only is the English component covered, the Literature portion is covered as well. Not many centres provide help for the Literature component. Here I ensure that both sections – the language paper, the texts and the unseen portion are thoroughly covered.

Tutoring Language Arts or Lang Arts for short has always been fun. The Language component consists basically of comprehension/critical literacy and essay-writing but depending on the school, can also include film studies, critical commentaries of articles and news and feature writing. The Literature component consists of key passage analysis, essays based on set texts and analysis of unseen prose and poems.

Lang Arts can be challenging for students because of the emphasis on expository writing as most of them are used to narrative writing. This is where imparting of skills, followed by guided practice and role-modelling are all crucial in helping students master the skills. Grammar is also included for those who are weak in it. The Literature component can be quite arduous for those who do not like reading. This is where the tutor can make the difference by showing to students the ways to approach the text – the contexts, subtexts, cultural ideologies and for the upper levels, a little knowledge of literary theories always helps.

Helping the student in coursework is essential in pushing up the grade – I promise to help the student in the assignments whether they be scripts for radios, TVs, preparations for debates, individual oral commentaries and group presentations, individual reflections, or extended essays.

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Tis the season of Miller and Wilde! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Miller and Wilde for all levels

O-level Literature tuition for 2013 syllabus

Miller and Wilde for all levels

It is truly the season of Arthur Miller and Wilde. Schools – both IP, express streams and JCs are now selected the works of these two great playwrights. I am just glad that I get to teach Miller’s and Wilde’s works at long last. I would not pretend to be able to teach the texts unless I have a strong grasp of them. it is not only about knowing the respective texts but also understanding the authors’ lives and experiences.


Many of my students who are doing “Crucible” confessed to me that they did not understand the play. When I asked if they had found the play troubling, the same students replied no. Well at the end of just two sessions, their views took a 180 degree turn.

Then there is the “Death of a Salesman” which is the new text for 2014 and 2015 exams.Like all Miller’s plays, they grab  you and do not let go. His plays deal with serious moral issues and are extremely relevant in today’s world.

MOE’s new Lit syllabus is really refreshing – it is good of them to keep changing the texts regularly. I am happy to announce that I can teach close to 75 titles in both the lower and upper secondary levels, IP, IB and JC.