Special classes for ACSI, MGS and ACS Barker students



Complimentary 3 hours of Literature/LA tuition for those who sign up for at least another Humanities subject whether it is History or Geography. Alternatively they can also sign up for English Language as some IP institutions have the language component separately. Terms and conditions apply. Combine 2 to 3 subjects in one session to save precious time and money. Effectiveness proven!











Super good news to share!


Most of my Lit students whether they are doing Elective Lit or Pure Lit have been doing well. Just found out another of my former student scored distinctions for English and Literature respectively at the ‘O’ levels last year. He is from Chung Cheng High (Main). I am happy because when he commenced sessions with me last year, it was already in the second semester and he was rather weak in both subjects. I just love “boasting” about my students’ good performance, just like some unabashed proud parent! Anyway he is doing H2 Lit now and has come to me for help. I am really happy because I get to do “The Warrior Woman” by Maxine Hong Kingston again as it is one of his texts for H2 paper! Incidentally he is one of the 4 students who have come back to me for help in H2 Lit!

At the same time most of my Sec 4 Lit students are already scoring A2s now for all the tests. So I am keeping my fingers crossed and working doubly hard to ensure that they will do well at the ‘O’ levels.

Admittedly tutoring Literature and English is not easy – some parents are not aware of the tears and anxieties that tutors have to contend with, Tutors have to work with the high expectations of parents which explain why i am weary about taking in students when the exams are only two to three weeks away.  

Enjoying Shakespeare’s plays and doing well in them



Shakespeare remains widely read and rightly so – Nanyang Girls, Dunman High, ACS I and Temasek Junior College are among some of the IP institutions doing his plays. Note reinforcements, passage-based question practices and essay-writing are part of  the sessions. We help you with your IOC, your group presentation and the extended essays on his plays. Call 98761777. We have proven results and references.

We also provide tuition for JC students doing Twelfth Night and Othello. Call us now and start having fun with Shakespeare and most importantly doing well for his plays!

All in all, close to 30 plays are covered – probably the most extensive help given for students studying his plays in schools.