Empathy for writers facilitates appreciation of Literature!


When we read different writer's works, it helps if we are able to empathise with them  - their life, the struggles they have. Writers possess character flaws, of which some can be considered alarming, hence making readers and students empathising with them a challenge. Take for example, Ibsen. Despite  his glittering career and the timeless appeal of his works, Ibsen abandoned his mother for all the great concern about women and their situation shown in most of his works. He only resumed contact with his younger sister when they were both in their twilight years. Tsk tsk tsk, how could he do that? Even more incriminating was the tragic fact that his mother was bullied and stomped upon by his father throughout their entire marriage until his father's death. Ibsen witnessed it when he was living in  his family house. But then Ibsen's literary genius remains spellbinding and to appreciate his works, it helps to understand that he is an aloof character.  And although he did not show any concern for his mother during his illustrious years, he was a man ahead of his time and his works are admired and studied by writers after him and of course by students from all over. Then of course how can i ignore Edgar Allan Poe who achieved posthumous fame but was variously regarded as a practical joker, fraud, a foolish drunkard and worst of all an unbalanced and sadistic criminal. He would have frightened the daylights out of many of us if we had him for our neighbour or relative! Sorry that I am taking great liberty here to drive home a point! But then if we know his tragic life - he lost his parents at a tender age of 4,  he struggled with poverty throughout his entire time - even at the height of his fame and his enormous reputation in France, he was still living on the cusp of impoverishment and his untimely demise at the age of forty make it less difficult to put aside our judgment and appreciate his works and even view him in a sympathetic light.      

Special classes for ACSI, MGS and ACS Barker students



Complimentary 3 hours of Literature/LA tuition for those who sign up for at least another Humanities subject whether it is History or Geography. Alternatively they can also sign up for English Language as some IP institutions have the language component separately. Terms and conditions apply. Combine 2 to 3 subjects in one session to save precious time and money. Effectiveness proven!                    

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SS FEEDBACK Sec 4 student from Holy Innocents High
"She(my daughter) benefits from your sessions."
Mother of Sec 2 student from CHIJ Katong Convent
"You go through the contents(sic) during lesson and usually more than what the school taught so I could understand better and you mark my work on the spot and gave comments so I know my mistake and u(sic) gave  me a compilation of the techniques to answer different type of questions."
 Sec 3 student from St Margaret's Secondary (History and new SS syllabus)
"Thank you for your dedication and guidance."