Keeping a positive mindset in a stressful vocation


Giving tuition is a calling. Sorry for sounding a tad self-important here but a tutor can and does make a big difference. Although not many will openly acknowledge it, having someone experienced and diligent to help with the one important presentation, the term essay, the class project or an assignment makes life less stressful for students. When the sessions are managed carefully, tuition can build up a child’s confidence and improve his or her abilities and skills, not to mention proficiency in the subject matter.Last but not least, tutors make a difference in exams, streaming and promotions to the next level. As much as tutors are often the unsung heroes and heroines, their contributions are significant. Here are some of the feedback received from my students (I will add on as the feedback comes in):


  • Mother of Peirce Secondary School Sec 4 student tutored in Lit this year:
    “Very beneficial. Can see she is improving.”
  • Mother of Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary High School Sec 1 student tutored in History, Geography and Lit:
    “He finds the sessions very helpful. As for Literature, he likes that you explain a lot more than his subject teacher.”
  • SJI Sec 4 student in Lit and English this year:
    “The sessions were good.”
  • Sec 2 ACSI student in Literature this year:
    “My boy said the lessons were beneficial. He understood what you’ve taught him.”
  • Mother of Dunman High year 2 IP student tutored in Lit, History and Geography this year:
    “Thanks for helping us? Glad that you took him in. He’s really looking forward to next year.”
  • Sec 4 ACSI student tutored in Lit, History and Social Studies. Was with me since Sec 2.
    “Her sessions are very good. She is very concise and thorough.”
  • Sec 3 CHIJ (St Nic) student tutored in Literature, English and Social Studies this year:
    “Very beneficial and helpful, especially in Literature which I improved quickly compared to my previous grades. My English comprehension’s score was 40 out of 50 and I am now passing my Social Studies.”
  • JC 1 student from Meridian Junior College being tutored in H2 Literature this year:
    “I have really enjoy the sessions so far because I’ve been enlightened to a lot of stuff in Hamlet that I have not been taught or personally thought of before,”

Teaching the New English Syllabus


The new syllabus is cool. Wish we had it during our time!

Being foremost a Literature person, I am qualified to teach the new English syllabus. The use of literary devices, words and sentences and their impact  are right up my alley, not to mention four semesters of doing my MA(English Language and Literature) at NUS means I am adept at close reading. Reading and analysing close to a 100 titles ranging from primary texts to critical readings at NUS has made me sensitive to tone, atmosphere, mood, mode of characterisation and the subtle nuances of words and phrases.

Moreover my grounding in grammar and sentence skills and years of tutoring the erstwhile syllabus means that I am equipped to teach the new syllabus as the new assessment retains some of the former features such as writing summary and essays.

I like the variety and the skills required to do well in this paper are more diverse and challenging. 

This is why I find the new English syllabus so fun!

In a nutshell, I cover all aspects of the new English syllabus and they are listed below:

Reading and Comprehension Skills
Critical literacy of both narrative and expository texts
Answering comprehension questions
Deciphering and evaluating visual texts

Writing Skills
Expository, descriptive, recount and narrative writing
Situational Writing

Grammar and Sentence Skills.

Oral Communication
Reading Aloud
Verbal Interaction