Latest round of feedback


SS FEEDBACK Sec 4 student from Holy Innocents High
"She(my daughter) benefits from your sessions."
Mother of Sec 2 student from CHIJ Katong Convent
"You go through the contents(sic) during lesson and usually more than what the school taught so I could understand better and you mark my work on the spot and gave comments so I know my mistake and u(sic) gave  me a compilation of the techniques to answer different type of questions."
 Sec 3 student from St Margaret's Secondary (History and new SS syllabus)
"Thank you for your dedication and guidance."

Literature Booster Seminar in August/September for ‘O’ level students


PYGMALIONFullSizeRender (6) With the exams around the corner, I am organising a two-day workshop sessions that impart key  answering techniques, literary writing and textual analysis. The following texts are covered: Julius Caesar Pygmalion Joy Luck Club Lord of the Flies The Road to Memphis       The sessions cover:  1) thematic concerns (3) 2) key passage analysis (1) 3) narrative techniques and literary/dramatic devices 4) question analysis and planning the answer 5)Writing the essay The dates are Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Limited seats. Call 98761777 now. Complimentary model answers and phone consultation are provided to offer additional valuable learning opportunities.

Special rates for Sec 3 students doing the new Lit texts.


Some of the new Lit texts for 2016 onwards

Some of the new Lit texts being used from the 2017 O-level exams onwards

Opening new slots on Mondays,Thursdays, Fridays and weekend evenings. Pure or Elective Literature students will be entitled to a 15 percent off selected fees.Call 9876177 to find out more now.   Terms and conditions apply:
  • only for first-time callers.
  • Session is to commence only after SA1 2016. The commencement date must be before the 10 June, 2016.
    • A second subject is allowed.