New announcements for 2014 and 2015 fee structure

I have not updated some important points about my fee structure because I have been very busy. Pardon for the inconvenience. These announcements are as follows:

  1. I continue not to take upfront fees for the sessions. You pay for every session your child attends. If your child does not turn up for a session, you do not pay.
  2. For new students signing up for 2014 and 15 sessions, you need a deposit of 2 sessions. This is to ensure that you do not cancel the sessions suddenly. You need to give me at least one weeks’ notice to stop sessions. There is a small forfeiture of one session if you cancel sessions before the conclusion of the last session for each term.
  3. You can cease the sessions anytime. Just give one week’s notice and the above condition applies. As you do not have to pay a month or even a term in advance, you can cease sessions so long as you give a week’s notice.This is one big advantage because it offers maximum flexibility to the student. 
  4. You can skip sessions anytime. There is no penalty to pay. You will never be charged for the session you skipped. It is not mandatory to have make-up sessions. 
  5. But since last year I am charging a small fee per subject for each semester ($35 to $75) and for IP/JC and IB Literature, I charge a one-time fee per title (range from $50 to $100).