Accolades from students in 2014

Sec 4 express student from Geylang Methodist Girls (Elect Literature & Social Studies): “She has learnt a lot from you. She said you are a nice teacher too.” Sec 4 express student from Edgefield Secondary (Pure Literature, Social Studies & English) (his younger brother who is in Sec 3 in 2015 will be attending sessions with me for English and Social Studies) “Madam Yu is strict but I have learnt a lot from her.” Sec 3 academic student from St Patrick’s Secondary (Pure Literature & Elect Geography): “He finds it useful and wants to work to get better. He topped the class for Literature and his Geography has improved tremendously too” Mother of Sec 4 express student from ACSI (Literature & Social Studies): “He is enjoying lessons with you. We are very glad to have found you to help him with his Literature and Social Studies.” Father of Sec 2 student from ACS International (IGCSE English and Literature) “J has got a good result for English [including Literature]. Thank you for your guidance and patience to him. Very much appreciated.” Mother of Sec 1 student from ACSI (History and Literature): “He has definitely improve from 60% to 75%. He found it useful especially teaching him how to answer the History and Literature questions.” NORMAN ASLEEP

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